Sunday, 25 October 2020

Madhubani painting,Bihar

  Whenever we heard about Bihar, the first word that strikes in our mind is its fine painting namely Madhubani painting.The art form is incredibly old and the name ‘Madhubani’ which means, ‘forest of honey'. 

Earlier,paintings were made by women on mud-walls of their houses during religious occasions. Today, this artwork can be found on an international platform on mediums like cloth, paper, canvas, paper-made products, etc. There are several dedicated organizations that work to support this unique form of Indian art. There are a lot of galleries that contain Madhubani paintings both in India and in other countries. These organizations also work with the Madhubani artists to promote this form of art.

Sunday, 10 May 2020


Well, it's IVRRM Anniversary today !
Cheers to all the one year of struggle to uplift the startup to its implementation phase .
It was not that easy, two people (Atul ,jitender ) with just an idea and falling short of required skills .Later on, two more people joined and now we are the team INNOVATHOR.
From developing the site, to getting shops registered with us was really tough ,some days we visited a number of shops with zero success . But, slowly we have shops registered and we are also opening our own offline shop very soon .
Offline shop will act as central point of regional markets to let customers enjoy various regional market locally .
It has been a hard but great year with lots of learnings and added skills in our team.

Soon, we will be featuring whole of Indian cultural diversity on a single platform .

Cheers !

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Sadar bazar

If you are looking to decorate you houses then you must have at least once visit at Sadar bazar, which contain a wide variety of household items. Like other major markets of Old Delhi, this market also feels very crowded and buzzes with activity. The shops in Sadar Bazar is of large variety which counts the party costumes near 'gubbare wali gali' and many fancy dresses which makes house party more funny.

Gandhi Nagar Market

In Delhi, most of the markets are famous for their respective goods, which are supplying across India. But still in Delhi some of marketplace is not so popular as it is supposed to be. Among that Gandhi Nagar market is one of the market,which needs exposure. In down side of road in Gandhi Nagar, a huge amount of the Blazers, Coat & Pant, Kurta & Pajamas etc are being sold.
A huge amount of customers are daily visiting the market, which is near to metro station 'Sastri park' on Red line which is next to Kashmiri gate.
In this market also you will find number of garment shops, which must be visited at least once for ethnic wear.

Dream Touch, Gandhi Nagar - Sherwani Retailers in Delhi - Justdial

If you in love of traditional attire then, I must bet that this place is gonna heaven for you.One of the chief characteristic of this market is its price, quality and variety.A normal coat and pant is starting at Rs.1600 present in different colors.I must let you know that the price you are able to purchase full pair of  suits, approximately at that cost you are able to get only its raw products.The coat and pants whose price in mall about in range of Rs.4500-5000 that quality of suit you got in near about Rs. 2500-3000 with beautiful brooch.If you are looking for Sherwani, either for marriage occasion or formal occasion you will get for all fields. These are of different types including Churidar or Salwar pants.The bottoms can be of different styles including fitted pants or Jodhpur pants.Many shops also have beautiful collection of Indo-western which is one of the most preferred choice of the youth.

So, I must say that if you are in hunt of the ethnic wear then have a visit on there you will see the large collection of ethnic wear or you may directly contact us on 9648961810.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Tank Road

Tank road is located in Central Delhi, near to Karol Bagh. It is one of

the paradise for shoppers who are willing to buy Denim cloths.It is

easy to reach from any corner of the city. The auto-rickshaws, buses,

cabs/taxis and metro are available easily. The nearest metro station is

Rajendra Place Metro Station.

Tank Road is one of the largest wholesale market of garments in Asia. Large

variety of jeans are available at reasonable prices. One can find 

jeans, shirts and other garments at prices which are lower than the usual sale

price of the same product .Tank Road Market also offers various

fabrics at economical prices and from wide range of choice no harm in trying

to bargain if you are buying in bulk.This market mainly supply the garments in wholesale not only in India

but across the country. This market remain closed on Monday, while on other

days shops get open onward 10 AM and most of goods are carried to Ajmal Khan

market.Generally the quantity of wholesale is more than 70-100 depends on the

order you going to place with the shirt price is ranging from Rs.200-400 while

jeans in Rs.400-600 with almost the same quality that are sold in mall. As if

you are looking for products in retail then you will face bit difficulties in look off

because most of the shops sell their products in wholesale. If you visit this

market on Saturday or Sunday,  then you will find that some of the shopkeepers are

selling in retail but for slightly more price as compare to wholesale price.

 So, as a businessman if you want to open new shop or looking for some standard

quality garments then you must have a virtual visit on our website  

For any queries you may directly contact on 9648961810 and also visit on below link for rough idea 

about Tank road.

Friday, 10 April 2020

chandani chowk

The streets of central north Delhi needs no introduction because it is not just famous around India,but around the world with good reason,also the delight of place.Shopping in Chandi Chowk is a awesome experience. It offers a wide range of goodies ranging from books,electronics, clothes, shoes, leather and consumer goods. Walking along this jostling street can get quite intimidating, so be prepared to get stunned. Each area of Chandni Chowk has different markets, which are known for various things.
There are a number of electrical and electronics shops lies between Chandani Chowk metro station and Red Fort. It has around 570 shops, where more than 2,500-3,000 people work,due to which a heavy congestion on street. The wholesale market is surrounded by another wholesale market where surgical goods and electrical items are sold. So exploring the market in that traffic is like ' a hard nut to crack'. 

So, we at ivrrm presenting Chandani Chowk in virtual way with complete exploration of market and makes your work easy. At our platform you will find  reviews, comment and suggestion by small ventors and number of consumers.

Few famous market which makes it as Chandani Chowk 

Nai Sadak-
Nai Sadak is mainly haven for those who looking . It is perfect for the students and bibliomaniacs who will find everything that they looking for, ranging from books for competitive exams to second-hand college textbooks, fiction novels and even Hindi fiction and non-fiction.Also,if you're hoarder of writing and art materials you'll find great happiness here.
It is haven for your wedding shopping. It is a narrow lane known for selling the best zardozi items such as laces and frills. Apart from this, you will also find Parsi borders, motifs, ribbon laces and all the embellishments for your wedding lehenga.

 Dariba Kalan-
Dariba Kalan is known for jewellery, especially silver and gold items.The entire lane constitutes of about 50 shops selling exclusive ornaments.The highlight here is the availability of hand-crafted jewellery. The best part about shopping at this market is the cost of the items is usually around 25% less than the other markets.You will also find kundan and meenakari jewellery here, along with shops selling perfumes and oils.The design and quality of jewellery,sold here is literally incomparable

Bhagirath Palace
This is Asia's largest wholesale market for electrical and electronic items. Right from simple light fixtures to fancy decorative lamps, you will find everything you need to decorate your home.From steampunk lamps and vintage chandeliers,to cafe-type lamps and even 35 rupees fairy lights. That too at direct at cheap prices!. 
The Bhagirath Palace is among the largest wholesale markets for electrical and electronics in the country. The streets are lined with hundreds of shops selling various types of lighting equipment both for domestic and industrial purposes. Glittering chandeliers, colourful decorative tubes and bulbs, electric heaters, switchboards, wires and almost every other imaginable piece of electrical utilities and components can be found here. 

Chawri Bazar

As we know the center of attraction for Delhi is its marketplace, food,

tourism,fashion, and crowd.It is well known for its production of goods and

supply in wholesale to small business men. Chawri Bazar is first wholesale

market of old Delhi and specialized in supplying brass, copper and paper

products.It lies to the west of Jama Masjid in Delhi, it have Jama Masjid at

one end and Hauz Quazi at other end.A huge number population daily visit in

this market by a force of mankind is continuously working with laden backs,

cars, rickshaws,scooters and walker almost battle for the passage during the

peak hours and manage the supply across the country.

Delhi Market

 Again it is also a wholesale market but you will be allowed to purchase a

brass or copper idol of Lord Vishnu, Buddha and others. The shops also keep

many useful items like jewellery boxes, vases, pots and oil lamps. However, at

present Chawri Bazar is more known as the wholesale market of paper products

than copper or brass. From beautiful wedding cards to attractive wallpapers to

nice greetings to any type of paper required for any use, everything is

available here. This market consists of large number of sanitary items

including shinks,washbasin,bidet,urinal etc these are the few items which you

can purchase in retail also.But other sanitary accessories like soap holder,

toilet paper holder, towel holder, ashtray etc have to purchase in wholesale

otherwise you have to pay Rs.20-25 extra of its wholesale price. The products

of this market trusted one with a attaining all good properties like 
  a) Water absorption should be below 0.5%.
  b) Can with stand minimum of 400 Kg(approx) load.
  c) Good glossy surface for easy cleaning.

All this raw materials are mixed in proper position, casted and fired to get

final sanitary ware product. Sanitary ware are made in different colors as per

the requirement so that it can bear heavy load and has good scratch resistance

property.Sanitary ware comes in variety of designs and variety of shape and

sizes which are very rare to find.Apart from sanitary this market also covers

the spare parts which includes the helmet, shoes, gloves for workers engaged

in field work.And automobiles parts such as wheels, nut & bolt, axel, sock

absorber etc.

So, if you are in need of any product related to sanitary or spares parts then

directly logon to our website or you may directly contact us on

+919648961810. For more details you can directly visit to below link.